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The Longest Brawl - Voice Cast Announcement

Alright everyone! Voice auditions for The Longest Brawl are now closed. We have selected all of the candidates for our main cast and we are ready to reveal the lucky actors/actresses!

Here is the final roster for the main cast of characters in The Longest Brawl:

Congrats to those who were accepted for the project and many thanks to all those who took the time to audition. Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing a brand new video featuring all of our cast member’s voices very soon!

Character Cards by Hayley Nelson

Journey of the Spark @ BronyCAN

For those who are at BronyCAN this weekend, we’re making this post to remind you that two of our staff members from Journey of the Spark will be hosting a panel tomorrow night to show off some exclusive stuff that wasn’t shown at BronyCon!

On the panel will be Sean Krause (Animation Department, Animatics) and Julia Serdyuk (Storyboard Artist). For those who will be going, we’re looking forward to seeing you there and for those who can’t make it, we hope to record the panel so you guys get a taste of what’s in store!

The Longest Brawl - DeviantART Group + Artist Openings!


The Longest Brawl is now opening positions for the Production Design team! In addition to this, a new DeviantART group has been created exclusively for the show by Production Designer Joy J. De Souza.

If you’re interested in joining the show or supporting it, feel free to check out the DeviantART group or send us some examples of your work (or a full portfolio) to The following positions are open:

  • Concept Artists
  • Character Sheets
  • 3D Modelers (should be usable for Source Filmmaker)
  • Background Designers
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Animators (creating Storyboard Animatics)

Good luck and stay tuned for more updates!!

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