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timgil21 asked:

Will Journey of the Spark be purely audio, or might there be non-animated pictures to go along with it, following the story?

David says he plans to use unreleased Concept Art, Designs, Storyboards, whatever he can to visually represent what’s happening alongside the audio. So it won’t be just an audible experience. There will be plenty to help give you guys something to visualize. 

looneytunerian asked:

I'm sorry to hear that JOTS's animated film got canned. :( But if you're turning it into some sort of radio play, well, I might have an idea. :) Why not do what MagPiePony's doing with her series? :) Maybe you can something like what she's doing. :)

I think you’ll be happy to know that David, the head of the audio drama and Voice Director on the original film, is planning to do something almost akin to a fan-restoration.

That is, he’s planning on using tons of unreleased visual material from the production and other bits to help give as close of a visual idea to the audience of what the movie could’ve been. He’s going all out to try and make the audio drama as faithful to the original script as possible.

So JOTS fans won’t be disappointed in that regard. 

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