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The Longest Brawl - DeviantART Group + Artist Openings!


The Longest Brawl is now opening positions for the Production Design team! In addition to this, a new DeviantART group has been created exclusively for the show by Production Designer Joy J. De Souza.

If you’re interested in joining the show or supporting it, feel free to check out the DeviantART group or send us some examples of your work (or a full portfolio) to The following positions are open:

  • Concept Artists
  • Character Sheets
  • 3D Modelers (should be usable for Source Filmmaker)
  • Background Designers
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Animators (creating Storyboard Animatics)

Good luck and stay tuned for more updates!!

Longest Brawl: Writing Applications Closed + New Writing Team!!

That’s right everyone, we’ve managed to fill in the writing spots for The Longest Brawl. As we stated before, openings were scarce, so to those who didn’t get a chance to apply, don’t worry, we’ll be opening applications again sometime soon.

For now though, we’re proud to introduce the new writing team for The Longest Brawl:

  • Violet Ridenour (Writer/Story Editor)
  • Edward Marmet (Writer/Story Editor)
  • Ian Murphy (Writer)
  • Dani Freeze (Writer)
  • Kyle Taylor (Writer)
  • Nathan Smith (Writer)

Congrats to the newcomers! For everyone else out there, stay tuned in the next few months when we finally open up Voice Auditions!

Help Wanted: Writers

Are you a passionate writer? Do you love Nintendo? Well you’re in luck! We’re now hiring writers for The Longest Brawl! Join the new production team to help write episodes for the upcoming series!

For anyone wanting to join on board, shoot us an E-Mail with the Header "Longest Brawl - Writing Position" to our new email Before you submit anything though, there are a few guidelines we’d like to go over concerning the position:

  • There is a limited amount of openings available. To select the appropriate people for the position, you MUST submit samples of your work when applying.

  • Samples do not need to be actual scripts. We just need to know if you have a good understanding of story development and quality writing.

  • Having a good background with the Super Smash Bros. series and other Nintendo properties is a plus, but is not necessary. Should you be hired and you don’t have much knowledge on any franchise, the director will personally catch you up to speed.

  • Please include a Skype username with your applications. Should you be considered for the position, the director would like to personally interview applicants directly. Skype will also be the main place of communication amongst staff.

  • Don’t be discouraged if you receive a rejection e-mail. We may be reopening positions again at a later date and we always encourage applicants to reapply.

That’s about it! Good luck to the applicants! We look forward to working with you!

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